Labor Day & Meatballs

ImageIn the spirit of Labor Day (the American version of how May the first is celebrated in many other parts of the world – except that here it is always on a Monday) and it being an Official Holiday, I have decided that except for playing around on the internet, maybe watching a movie, or reading, I will do nada. No work. Labor Day also marks the official Last Weekend of Summer, which I have spent being productive for the most part by dealing with our garden’s bounty. Originally the weather forecast had been for heavy rain which I thought was highly appropriate for a planned day on the couch in pajamas. As it turned out though the forecast was wrong, which makes it just a tad harder to ignore the unweeded flower bed. I’m giving willpower my best shot, and am pleased to say that I am winning and still happily ensconced on the couch.

Since I won’t be canning or drying vegetables, or preserving fruit, I’ve decided to learn my way around this new blogging thing I have started. Truth be told, I’m not very familiar navigating this site, often going through a hit-and-miss procedure before actually accomplishing some task I need to perform. I’m also learning about the blogging community, the many wonderful blogs out there, and the how the sharing and support of each other ultimately makes us all prosper. That is a wonderful philosophy and one that is easy for me to adapt to. So in spite of doing much research (kind of like working), I am still on the couch, and reading. 🙂

In celebration of this lazy day and the many parties that have been held in this country all weekend long, and in spite of the fact that many recipes on the web are seemingly about how the grill will soon disappear off their owners’ decks, I will not post a grill recipe, but one for a favorite party snack while the grill is still warming up. I also like to eat these as a main dish with various salads, or cooked in a tomato sauce, or in the oven, or formed into a patty with a slice of tomato on top and roasted (beefteki), or placed in a loaf pan, around some lightly boiled veggies and a hard boiled egg, calling it meatloaf…

Greek Meatballs  (Beefteki & Meatloaf Base)
serves 8

1.5 lbs  of mixed ground beef/pork/lamb
2 medium onions, finely chopped
2 eggs
1 cup of unseasoned bread crumbs, or 1lb of stale white bread that has been soaked in water and squeezed out
1 handful each of fresh parsley and mint, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
a few dashes of coarse sea salt
1 tsp ground pepper
2/3 cup of water (if breadcrumbs are being used)
oil for frying

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and mix thoroughly. You can also “knead” the mix with the dough hook on your standing mixer. Everything should be well incorporated and soft. Let stand for 1/2 hour.

Form the meat mixture into walnut sized balls. Roll in flour and fry in hot oil until golden brown in color. The perfect meatball should be light and crispy on the outside, and light and almost fluffy on the inside. If too hard and dry, add a few more drops of water the next time you make them.


These are so good, and one always tends to eat much more than one should, so when I make them, I try to make only about 6 per person, then freeze the rest of the meat mix in patty shapes which I will roast for a meal on another day (with slices of tomato on top for extra juicy deliciousness), or freeze in a meatloaf form for the same reason.
Serve with lemon wedges.Image


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